Saturday, September 22, 2012

The two great rocking stars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga

The two great rocking stars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, your 15 minutes are coming to an end at least if Canadian guys have anything to say about it. In its annual "Great Male Survey," Montreal-based polled more than 2,000 male adults across the country and found that the teen star Bieb and amazing Gaga are the most over-exposed celebrities today beating out Robert Pattinson, Tiger Woods and Snooki. The pop star Justin Bieber has opened that he has been working with rap legend, Dr. Dre. The pint-sized pop star, who already has an exciting list of collaborations under his belt including mentor Usher, Sean Kingston and Ludacris told fans on Twitter that he was in the studio with Dre. Justin Bieber gets a lot of stuffed animals from his fans, now that he's king of YouTube, he can use his cred to turn those stuffed animals into his next music video. Well, sort of. The teen star Bieber has released his own homemade music video for a remix of Drake's "Find Your Love" with a few friends. The video is titled "Find Your Teddy. While Bieber attached a message to the video post assuring spectators "It's not weird," the video shows Bieber and his friends in a strobe-lit room passing around and occasionally fighting over a stuffed leopard, taking turns serenading it with the lyrics to the song. At one point, Bieber kisses the stuffed animal. It's a little weird. But Bieber and his friends seem to be enjoying themselves, so who's to complain. We all know that celebrities don't get the usual bath salts for their birthday, but Justin Bieber's 16th birthday present from P Diddy is in a different league simultaneously. The Baby singer, who turned 16 in March had reportedly already been given a Range Rover from his mentor and fellow super star, Usher. Now the baby star can add a Lamborghini to his car collection. The teen star JUSTIN BIEBER has no plans to perform in North Korea any time soon an online contest for fans to choose a location for his next concert was fake, according to his spokesperson. The teen sensation was said to be considering a trip to North Korea following an internet survey which invited fans to pick countries for the 16 year old to visit. Approximately half a million pranksters were said to have flooded the polling site to cast their vote, urging Bieber to hold a concert in Asia. But Bieber's publicist has brushed aside the story, insisting fans will not be picking the singer's next tour destination. The rep tells, "It was a spoof site. This is not a legitimate contest." as Justin Bieber has made the observation that he thinks it's funny that people think "Omaha Mall" is a real song and that he did it just for fun, the quantity of people who not only love the song, but know the lyrics is astonishing to the point where Justin should have just released it as a bonus single to iTunes we would have bought it. Justin even took to the stage at one of his current concerts to perform the uber catchy song for the crowd. Get your Cheap Justin Bieber Tickets

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