Sunday, September 23, 2012

LimeWire Pro Lets You Download Music, Videos, Movies at Lightning Fast Speed

Sharing and downloading files, games, videos, music and movies can now be done easily, free of cost and without any worry of breaking any laws or infecting your computer with virus etc. This is now possible and can be done easily with the help of LimeWire Pro, a web based file sharing protocol. LimeWire Pro is an advanced version of LimeWire and offers added advantages. It is created on Java programming structure, a peer to peer (P2P) file sharing platform that makes it compatible with all types of systems that include Microsoft windows, Apple Mac and Linux operating systems.

LimeWire Pro offers a number of attractive features, such as fast network connections, universal plug'n play, firewall to firewall transfers, Creative Commons integration, full description of files searched in LimeWire pro, iTunes integration, proxy support, as well as support for international searches. In addition to this, LimeWire Pro offers complete protection against bundled software, adware and spyware. This system comes with automatic filters that offer complete protection against all type of viruses, trojans, malware or spyware.

Apart from that, its special features allow you to control your sensitive material and offers protection against identity theft. Its advanced features give you complete control on which files to share and which not. Limewire pro's built-in browser also allows you to browse through the network. Furthermore, users have improved control over their shared files, which enables more responsible and safer file sharing. It also allows you to block other users from downloading, sharing and uploading your copyright files. This feature is only available through LimeWire Pro.

Apart from all the above mentioned features LimeWire Pro offers the fastest file sharing experience. This enhanced version of Limewire allows faster downloads, access to optimized search results, free updates, and is also very secure.

Because of the added advantages and excellent speed that LimeWire Pro offers we can say that it is the best choice for everyone who is interested in downloading music, movies and software. This program allows a user to go for accurate searches make fast downloads and is extremely easy to use. Therefore, if you are passionate about downloading music, videos, movies or software, LimeWire Pro is all you need. Getting a free copy of Limewirepro is very easy. All you have to do is log on to download it for free. The website offers both the paid and free version of the software so that you can download the one that fits your requirements the best.

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