Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun and Addictive iPad Games

Apple is a consistent innovator of technology. The company has been unifying design and technology in music and in gaming. With the release of the iPad, handheld gaming provided by Apple has been more fun. The iPad is a tablet computer with a wide screen and luring graphics that will surely make gaming more fun and addictive. The iPad is considered to be a very impressive device used for gaming. Ever since Apple released handheld devices (such as the iPod Touch and the iPhone) that support gaming, game developers gave an eye to publish games for the company. If you are to check out the Apple store, you will see thousands of games available for download, whether for free or for a cheap price.
A lot of ipad games are fun to play and are also very addicting. Such games will surely conquer your imagination and gets you very addicted that your full attention is for the game only. It is bad, indeed, but once you've tried playing such games, you'll realize and justify why such game is addicting.
Some of the most addicting ipad games are We Rule (GOLD), Angry Birds HD, GodFinger, and Plants vs. Zombies HD. These games are downloadable in the iTunes store and good news, a number from the list is being offered for free!

We Rule (GOLD) is somewhat like FarmVille (Facebook app). The gameplay is mainly about planting and harvesting your crops. However, you should focus with acquiring a certain number of experience points if you want to level up and be able to continue the game. Leveling up will also give you a chance to unlock more items and features of the games. Just like the Facebook application, We Rule is addicting especially if you want to design your own kingdom to its fullest and add some expensive stuff to make it more elegant and presentable. Another fun thing about the game is that you will be able to add your online friends as neighbors check out their own kingdoms and interact with them online. With a 4.5 rating and a free to download feature, who wouldn't be hooked with this kind of game?
The Angry Birds is a 105-level game that will haunt you in your dreams and frustrate you if it takes you a day to successfully finish a certain level. Each level, of course, is more difficult than the previous one and it takes a lot of strategy to surpass each. The goal of this game is to kill the pigs by toppling the bricks to crush them or lampooning them with a bird. The game is sold for $4.99 but hey, it has a 5-star rating!
Want to play God? Then GodFinger is the right game for you! The game's idea is for the player to command and turn people into followers and put them to work. Earning gold, mana and awe will help you level up and build more stuff. Earning gold is through placing each follower on barns and/or farms. A mana is used for rain, sunshine, lightning and some other natural elements. Mana can be acquired through placing the followers at the shrine. Awe is provided each time you level up. It is a special element that can also be bought. The game is given away for free and has already received a 4-star rating.
The famous Plants vs. Zombies have never failed gamers. It is a very addictive game that will surely get you stuck in your seat for a whole day and/or night. The main goal of the gameplay is to prevent zombie-eating-brain from entering your home. Defense strategies are widely used in this type of game and because of its fame and success, the game is being sold for $9.99. It may cost a lot but hey, it has a 5-star rating ever since the very first version was published!

These are just a few examples of addicting ipad games. There are a lot of addictive games for the iPad that is out in the market today. Enjoy and maximize the use of your iPad!
Fun and Addictive iPad Games

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