Monday, September 24, 2012

Downloadable Movie Trailer

I know. When the newspaper comes in the morning, you ignore all that stupid political stuff. You have no desire to see the sports section either, Even the comics are not your thing. But the movie listings, that's what's important. In fact, when your favorite movies are on TV, you find yourself glued to the set and heaven help anyone who should choose to try to interrupt you. At the theater, you're first in line for popcorn because you want to get a good seat and then you're the one who can answer every single one of the movie trivia questions that they put up on the screen. In short, you're a movie maniac and you need your movies and movie trailers. Ah, but that Internet connection is just a tad too slow for you. You need to wait and and wait while the buffering goes on and on and on. What is buffering anyway you ask yourself. I just want to find downloadable movie trailers so I can look at them when I want, you say,

Well, no worries at all I say. I've got you covered. A quick check of Google and you'll find yourself with thousands of downloadable movie trailers to look at whenever you want. You can download them and then watch them on your Quicktime or Windows Media players. In fact, you could be pretty creative with them and act like some of the people on Youtube who actually create their own fake movie trailers for the films they really love.

So what kind of downloadable movie trailers can you find anyway? Well, I did a quick check and found all kinds of cool trailers available. There are of course trailers for the blockbusters like Saw 6 and Toy Story 3, but there are also plenty of movie trailers for movies you may not have heard of, things like Me and Orson Wells, a a coming-of-age film which takes place in the world of the New York City theater, on Broadway. The story revolves around Zack Efron, who plays a teenager who, by a stroke of luck manages to land a minor part in the 1937 Mercury Theater's Julius Caesar. Efron's character is particularly excited because his idol, the young and amazingly talented Orson Wells will be directing.

In short, if you are looking for cool downloadable movie trailers, they exist out there. All you have to do is grab 'em and they're yours.

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