Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Glimpse into the world that is 3D Movie Trailers

3D films are made using stereoscopic technology. This enables the viewer to see two slightly different images in each eye, creating the illusion of depth. 3D movies are more popular than most people think, and they are advertised like any other film, through movie trailers.

The good thing about 3D movie trailers is that they give you a clear picture of the film itself, without giving away unnecessary spoilers. The scenes shown in a trailer are usually the most attention-grabbing, those with the wittiest dialogue, the funniest moments, and those kinds of things. They are not shown in the same order as they are shown in the film. Otherwise, it would become a film summary, and not a film trailer.

Originally, movie trailers were shown at the end of a film, but patrons would immediately leave the cinema right after the film and so the trailers would be shown to empty seats. That is why it was termed trailers', not because they were hardly watched but because they were shown at the end. So now, trailers are now shown before a film starts, to ensure that everyone would watch them, whether they like it or not.

The following are some of the parts of 3D movie trailers, which are not that different from other regular feature films.


Ah, music. Who doesn't love it? It is one of the main things that give life to movies, and trailers at that. Can you imagine a movie trailer without music? It would be completely boring and dull. Music helps set the mood, especially in the last part of the trailer where the most emotional scenes are shown. Music plays a really, really important role in 3D movie trailers.

Information on the cast, crew and studio

Ever noticed that at the end of almost every movie trailer, a cast run is shown? All the notable actors and actresses are mentioned, and that is because this helps greatly in boosting up the advertisement. If a person sees a trailer with his/her favorite actor/actress on it, he/she would surely watch the film and tell other people about it. Information on the studio, such as the logo, is also shown in the trailer.

Plot Summary

The plot summary of the trailer consists of three parts. The first part lays out the premise of the story, this is the introduction. The second part involves the rising action that leads to the climax. The last part is where the most emotional scenes are shown, and this is done with signature music to set the mood. A cast run, if possible, is shown towards the end of the trailer.


Hear that low, almost creepy voice at the start of a trailer? That's the voice-over. Need I say more?

3D movie trailers are not the end of the road. To know more information on movies, feel free to browse the site!

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