Thursday, September 20, 2012

Iron Man 2 Download and Watch

There isn't a whole lot of information about the details, however the trailer does show us the fearless Iron Man battling Whiplash (played by Mickey Rourke by the way) and causing all kinds of great mayhem, including exploding airplanes and cars.

One interesting feature that I saw in the new film was when Tony, as IronMan 2 is surrounded by what seems to be a whole army of Iron Men. It remains to be seen what that's supposed to be about. There isn't a whole lot being told regarding exact plot details.

If you are like me, May 7, 2010 is a date which is etched into your brain and you just cannot wait for that month to come around. That's because on that date, the new Iron Man movie is coming to theaters. However, if you can't wait until then to see Iron Man 2, you can check out the new Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer right now. The effects are awesome and it looks like it's going to be another blockbuster film.

As you may remember, at the end of the last movie, Tony Stark revealed himself before a press conference to be Ironman. The cat was let out of the bag and now he's off saving the world. The hints we're getting from the new trailer include magazine headlines informing us that Stark wants to bring peace to the world and a Senate hearing where Stark refuses to turn over the Iron Man suit to the American Government. However, he does tell the assembled crowd that he has privatized world peace.

Of course the movie wouldn't be complete without a new villain and true to form, the new Ironman 2 movie trailer shows us that they've got a doozy for us this time. Whiplash, apparently given that name because he has whips to lash people with and not because he was in a car accident, will be facing off against Stark in this new installment of the franchise.

If you'd like to see the new Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer, you can check it out for yourself. I know I'll be scrutinizing it further for still more clues about the upcoming movie. And of course I'm waiting with baited breath like all of you for new feature to come out. It's gonna be an Iron ride!

What's especially great to see is Robert Downey Jr. offering his usual perspective on the whole subject of being Iron Man. He's back to his carefree, go lucky self and is surrounded by beautiful babes in what appears to be an Iron Man benefit concert

The only official info I found was that Scarlet Johansson will be playing Black Widow, Stark's assistant who is also a spy and that Pepper Potts has now taken over as the CEO of Stark Industries.

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