Thursday, September 20, 2012

Differences Between Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Book And Movie

The long awaited, keenly anticipated, and extremely expected movie, the Harry Potter saga is going to be released soon in July. Everyone is expecting it to be the best part of sequel as many major events are described in it, and now it is up to the directors, camera operators, and producers that how much they will succeed in satisfying the demands of the audience.

Previously, the audiences liked the movies, and they suffered criticism too. People specially the young desperate fans of the Harry Potter saga objected that there are many major events, which are not present in the movie and totally cut off from it.

According to some critiques, the movies were not that much interesting and exciting as everyone was expecting them to be; scenes were running and for a person who has not read the novel it was difficult to understand everything properly. However, the audiences liked the same movies largely. For that reason, everyone is so eagerly waiting for the next sequel.

The upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has many exciting, thrilling and mysterious revealing, secrets and events. While watching its trailer you come to know that this time the makers of the movie are covering almost all the important events like the secret of Half Blood Prince, Harrys romance with Ginny, exciting Quidditch matches, and the memories of Lord Voldemorts childhood.

More interesting depictions include finding the Horcruxes (hidden parts of lord Voldemorts soul), Death Eaters entering the Hogwarts, the fight between them and the Hogwardians, Dumbledore death and the sneaking of Severus Snape. However, it is very difficult to cover all these things in such a limited time so the scenes are not that much thorough as they are in perfect detail in book.

Professor SlugHorns role is the one main different character in the Harry Potter saga. This role indeed holds substantiality in the course of the development of [plan|scheme], as it is the main source of getting the most accurate knowledge about Voldemorts childhood. In the movie his role is not that much prominent; no doubt he is provided with the specific scenes in the movie but he does not have that much comprehensive character in the movie.

Dumbledores role in the book and in fact in the whole saga is considered as a major role, but in this movie, he is considered to be the central character as most of the events happening in the movie are related to him. From the pictures and trailers of the new Harry Potter movie, you would come to know that there is a scene when there has been an attack on The Burrow ,(Ron and Ginnys house), which is not the part of the book, so it would be a suspense till the release of movie.

Rest you can find after watching the sensational, worth watching and thrilling continuation of the Harry Potter sagas next movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

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