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The "B" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This is another one that is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a small, white baggage handling vehicle for airports.Speed and handling: Very slow with lousy handling. You only want this thing if you're stuck in an airport with locked gates and need a way to get around without tiring out your character. Takes damage easily, too.Locations: You'll find this one inside any of the airports, and every once in a while you'll see one being driven just outside of an airport, especially in Las Venturas.

Lots of fun here! The Bandito is sort of a dune buggy without any body on it. And there's no radio!Speed and handling:Has decent speed, but it's nothing against a sports car. Handles pretty well until you get into a slide or go onto wet grass. I actually think the Bandito in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas handles better off road than on actual roads.Locations: The most obvious place to get this vehicle is at your girlfriend's farm house in Flint County, just outside of Los Santos. But it can also sometimes be found on the western beach in San Fierro. It also pops up in several missions and races throughout the game, so you could get a chance to keep it then (usually be losing the mission).

One of the better sports cars available! Also one of the earliest true sports cars I've run across in GTA: San Andreas. Looks something like a Dodge Viper in this game, but in the Vice City games it looks more like a Corvette.Speed and handling: Has very good speed, though it's not the fastest car in the game, and has pretty solid handling except maybe on wet grass. Also, watch out for those slick roads when raining!Locations: Since this is one of the more common sports cars, it can show up pretty early in the game, specifically in the Rodeo area of Los Santos. Also, there's almost always one parked in the alley next to the gym in San Fierro. For Las Venturas, spend some time driving around The Strip or up north near the golf course, and usually a Banshee will pop up sooner or later, especially if you are already driving some sort of sporty vehicle.

This is a big military truck, looking like something to transport troops.Speed and handling: Has fair speed but takes a while to get their. Handles pretty well, but that's mainly because it's slow at taking corners. This sucker can take lots of damage, though, so don't worry about hitting street lights and stop signs when taking those sharp curves.Locations: The Barracks is not easy to come by. The fastest way to find it is to get a six-star wanted level. It will show up then, with lots of soldiers with automatic rifles, but you probably won't survive long enough to steal the truck. Also, the Barracks spawns at the Easter Bay Naval Base in San Fierro and at the Restricted Area in the desert just West of Las Venturas, but those places will automatically net you something like a four-star wanted level and you're not likely to survive long then, either.

This two-seater airplane is kind of rare in the game. I think I've only run across it a couple of times, but it is around.Speed and handling: Takes of slow, but many of the larger planes do, and handles a little sluggishly. Still, it'll get you where you're going.Locations: It spawns sometimes at the airport in San Fierro, but I believe its doors remain locked until after you've finished the Flying School in the desert West of Las Venturas. I've never seen it anywhere else in all of San Andreas.

The Benson is just a big delivery van, something akin to a furniture van or something similar.Speed and handling: Takes off slow, flips over pretty easy and doesn't handle all that great. In other words, you probably won't want to drive this thing unless it's the only vehicle around. Still, being a somewhat larger vehicle, it can take a little bit of punishment.Locations: I've run across it a few times in the countryside north of Los Santos, but most often I see it on the highways south of Las Venturas out by the rock quarry.

This van is basically a Pony, but on its side are logos for Berkley's RC toys, the little cars and airplanes and helicopters.Speed and handling: Just like a Pony. It's slow to takeoff. Handles fair, but is a bit top heavy, so watch for flipping onto the side. You can easily find better vehicles.Locations: I've seen these roaming around San Fierro, which makes sense because Berkley is supposed to be Zero's nemesis and Zero works out of San Fierro, but they don't show up often.

This is one of the better motorcycles to have in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and I believe it's modeled after a Honda.Speed and handling:Top, top speed. Perhaps the fastest motorcycle in the game. I'd even say it's a tad faster than the ever-popular PCJ-600. However, it takes a while to get to that speed. This motorcycle does not have the fastest of accelerations. On a straightway, you can steer this thing pretty well. But in rain or on grass, it tends to slide all over the place. Also, it doesn't take sharp corners well, tending to veer off to one side.Locations:This one can be a little tricky to find. First, it's not a very common vehicle. Second, it comes in threedifferent looking styles, sometimes with around windshield around the front light, sometimes without, and sometimes with a full body cover and sometimes without. I've found the BF-400 most in San Fierro, usually around the Gant Bridge area or Paradiso. However, I have seen it pop up occasionally in other places, but always within a city.

This is a dune buggy. You'll like it. I promise. Especially when going off road.Speed and handling: You might not expect it, but the BF Injection actually has really good speed, maybe too good. Why? Because it's not the best-handling ofautomobiles. It's not the worst, either, but with all that speed it's supposed hard to keep control. In my experience, the handling is better in grass, dirt or sand than when on pavement or concrete, so I try to stay off the roads when steering one of these.Locations:The southern part of the beach in the West of San Fierro almost always has a BF Injection. Actually, this vehicle will eventually spawn just about anywhere there is a beach, and I've even seen it cruising up and down The Strip a few times in Las Venturas. Also, the BF Injection will spawn outside the Las Venturas stadium in the parking lot once you have beaten the Dirt Track mission.

The title doesn't get any simpler than this. It's a bike. You pedal it. It will get you around.Speed and handling: Compared to the rest of the bicycles in San Andreas, this one is the slowest and the one with the worst handling. But if you have a decent biking skill level and then practice, you can get used to the Bike.Locations: I've seen this one all over the place, but mostly often in Los Santos around CJ's neighborhood and in the countryside North and West of Los Santos. I've also seen it pop up on rare occasions in San Fierro and throughout Las Venturas.

The Blade is the lowest of the lowriders, nearly touching the road as it cruises along. It's long and sleek and pretty easy to find. Looks like a Chevy Impala from the 1960s.Speed and handling: I hate the Blade. It has some darn good speed, but the handling is awful. It takes sharp curves lousy, and heaven forbid you should even tap against another vehicle or a street sign or something. If you do, you'll end up spinning all over the place.Locations:I believe this is the most common of the lowriders, so it's not that hard to find. I find a Blade cruising along all the time down near the docks in San Fierro and in El Corona in Los Santos, but I've also found in spawning on the roads just about anywhere in any of the cities. Need a Blade? Drop into just about any other lowrider and take off driving. A Blade is almost guaranteed to show on the roads.

Looks a lot like the Honda CR-X. Small and short, but makes a great vehicle. One of my favorites.Speed and handling: Handles like a dream. Takes curves great. Also has really good speed and acceleration, though not quite as quick as the major sports cars. Makes a great little vehicle for escaping from the cops.Locations:The Blista Compact is easy to find in some cities, not so much in others. I rarely spot it in Los Andreas, but it seems more common in San Fierro and Las Venturas. It seems especially common when I'm cruising around in another sports car.

This is one of the more rare vehicles in San Andreas. In fact, you'll never see it spawn driving around on the roads. Why not? Because it's a car for a demolition derby.Speed and handling: Has fair speed and fair handling, but it's not a favorite for those needs. But, being a derby vehicle, it can take loads of abuse. Which is always fun.Locations:I've only found one way to get this vehicle. First you have to beat the Bloodring Banger sporting event at the stadium in San Fierro. Then, and only then (that I've discovered) while a Bloodring Banger car spawn outside the stadium in the parking lot.

The BMX is a great bicycle, arguably the best in the game. It's sort of a dirtbicycle, great for going off road.Speed and handling:You can get going pretty fast on this thing, especially if you have a high bike skill. And for a bicycle, it has alright handling. But then, it's always chancy taking sharp corners on a bicycle in San Andreas.Locations:Usually one of the easiest vehicles to find in Los Santos, but tougher to find in other cities. There is almost always a BMX parked in the grass directly across from the entrance to CJ's house in the Grove; if you don't find one there, go away for some little while and then come back, because one should be there soon. Actually, the BMX is pretty easy to find all over Los Santos, and I've often found them in the countryside outside of Los Santos. Only on very rare occasions have I seen a BMX in the other cities, and I don't believe I've ever seen one in the desert regions.

This is a basic, small, compactpickup truck. Kind of looks like a Chevrolet S-10 or Ford Ranger.Speed and handling: Low speed. Low takeoff. And not real great steering. If you are going at any speed at all and bump into something, expect your Bobcat to be thrown around all over the place.Locations:The Bobcat is quite common out in the countryside, an it's not uncommon in downtown Los Santos. I've seen them on the desert highways often enough, too, but not so often in Las Venturas and San Fierro. Still, the Bobcat is a common truck and can pop up just about anywhere.

Just a basic, big delivery van or truck.Speed and handling: Slow but handles alright, mainly because it's slow. You can build up a little speed, but it takes a long time to get there. Can take a fair amount of damage.Locations:Most often I've found the Boxville spawning around the docks areas of Los Santos, but I've seen them a few times in other parts of the city. Very rarely I've spotted them in the other cities.

This is just like the regular Boxville truck, but you need it to do the burglary missions at night, and it's a darker color, sort of a dark gray or light black.Speed and handling: Nothing new here. Slow with decent handling. Able to take a goodly amount of abuse.Locations:Since you need this vehicle for the burglary missions, it helps to know where to find it. In Los Santos, there is always one of these dark burglary Boxvilles across the street from the gym among some apartments. In San Fierro, there is one tucked away behind a building across the street from the Doherty fire department. In Las Venturas, there is a burglary Boxville in Pilgrim near the southeast exit to the highway.

This car looks like a Cougar in the 1990s, or maybe something by Pontiac.Speed and handling: Not overly fast, but there's worse to be found. Handles fair, but again, that's mainly because you're not going very fast. Sort of a ho-hum vehicle. Nothing special, but it doesn't totally suck.Locations:I've seen Bravuras all over the place, but in my experience they are most common downtown Los Santos, in and around Hashbury in San Fierro and along The Strip in Las Venturas. A very common vehicle, so it could spawn just about anywhere except in the deep woods or desert.

You'll need a Broadway to do the pimping missions. It looks like an old Cadillac from the 1930s or 40s.Speed and handling: It's a little slow starting, but the Broadway can eventually get along pretty quickly. The handling is good, taking corners solidly, but the image on your screen can fool you a bit as the Broadway tends to bounce around some as its driven. Still, once you get used to that bouncing, you should have no problems getting around in this car. Don't let the looks fool you; this is a pretty good automobile to be driving.Locations:There is always a Broadway parked around to the side of the gas station in Idlewood in Los Santos, otherwise you can find one cruising along just about any time any where in Los Santos. I've seen them more than a few times in San Fierro, too, especially since Jizzy always has one. In my experience, they are rare in Las Venturas, though I've seen a number of them in the northwest part of the city near the golf club and the train station.

This is a great big passenger train. And in case you haven't discovered it yet, yes, there is a train mission to be performed. Basically you have to drive the train from one station to another, keeping up a good speed without crashing the train off the tracks while making good time. It's a fairly easy mission.Speed and handling:Very slow takeoff, but eventually this sucker can fly (that's if you don't topple the train off the side of the tracks around a bend). There really isn't much to the handling of the Brownstreak; you just keep up the speed, or lower it, and the train follows the tracks.Locations:Go to a train station in any city and a Brownstreak should appear within a minute or less. You don't really need to do this, however, until the entire map has been opened up because then you can do the train mission.

I tend to not like the lowriders because they mostly don't handle real well, but this one isn't too bad. Appears to be the GTA version of an early 70s Monte Carlo.Speed and handling:Handles pretty well for a lowrider, but it's not the best. Has fair acceleration and speed, but there are plenty of better options.Locations:A pretty rare vehicle. I've seen it in San Fierro around Easter Basin and up near the northern bridge, but that's about it. I don't think I've ever seen it appear anywhere else other than a couple of times around the marina in Las Venturas.

The Buffalo is basically a Camaro from the 1990s. It's a dependable vehicle in the game.Speed and handling: Great speed and acceleration, though not quite as good as the higher-end sports cars. Also has pretty good steering except, at least when you're on dry road. Stay away from wet roads and definitely wet grass.Locations:There is always a Buffalo parked next to Catalina's hideout, but they also tend to appear on the roads when you are driving a sports car in northern Las Venturas and sometimes around Easter Basin in San Fierro. I've seen a Buffalo more than once in Los Santos around Vinewood, but not that often. Not always easy to find when you want one, but they are available if you're patient.

Looks like the famous Ford GT sports car and drives just as well as the original.Speed and handling: Simply awesome, awesome speed and takeoff. Perhaps the fastest car in the game. With that comes really good handling, but at those high speeds it can be difficult to steer just about anything. If you like to fly along the roads, you'll love the Bullet.Locations:There's usually a Bullet parked at the Burger Shot in northern San Fierro, but there will also be one parked outside th driving school is you earn all silver awards. I've also seen Bullets (the cars, not the lead things coming out of guns ... okay, maybe those, too) in northern Las Venturas when I'm driving other sports cars. And there's a sort of alleyway in Doherty in San Fierro where there's always a Bullet parked near a floating police star.

A sporty little van, like a Dodge Ram Van, that can take a fair amount of punishment. The best of all the vans in San Andreas.Speed and handling: Has good speed, definitely better than any other type of van, and really good acceleration. Takes turns easy enough and can hold up to four people, including the driver.Locations:I've witnessed the Burrito most often around the docks and in Easter Basin in San Fierro, but I've sometimes seen them appear around Flint County and down by the airport in Los Santos.

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